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Explanation of Magnet Types
What is a mil?
Inkjet Magnetic Magnet Paper 8.5x11 (14 to 16 mil)
Inkjet Magnetic Paper Various Sizes (20-24 mil)
Inkjet Magnetic Business Card Sheets
Inkjet Printable Magnetic Photo Sheets (4x6,5x7)
Inkjet Printable Magnet - Rolls & By-the-Foot
RubberSteel - Magnetically Receptive Material
Adhesive Business Card Magnets
Adhesive Magnet Sheets: Various Sizes
Adhesive Magnet Strip Rolls
Adhesive Magnet: Rolls or By-the-Foot
SALE! Adhesive Magnet for DIY Promo Products
Adhesive Circle Magnets: .5",1", 2" & 3"
Magnetic Photo Sleeves / Protectors / Pockets
Dry Erase Magnetic Shelf Label Magnets (+Colors)
Dry Erase Magnet Strip Rolls (White & Colors)
Dry Erase Magnet: Rolls & By-the-Foot
Dry Erase Magnet Magnetic Sheets (Colors & White)
Plain Magnet: Sheets, Rolls or By-the-Foot
Samples & Sample Packs
Craft Magnets (buttons, strips, squares)
Pen Holder Magnets (Bulk)
Foam Adhesive Craft Magnets
Magnetic Dry Erase Calendars / Organizers
Magnetic Data Cardholders for Shelving
Colored VINYL Magnet - Sheets & Rolls
Car Sign Vinyl Magnet Sheets & Rolls
Self-Customizing Promotional Magnetic Cards
Self-Customizing Promotional Magnetic Notepads
Custom Orders

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ALL NEW: Dry Erase Magnet now available in various colors. Dry Erase 11 x 17 Magnetic Sheets, Dry Erase Magnetic Strip rolls, Dry Erase Magnet Shelf Labels, Dry Erase Magnetic Rolls. Colors available in most products: White, Red, Orange, Dark Blue, Green, Yellow, Tan & Light Blue.

  • Print your own Save-The-Date Magnets with inkjet printable magnet business cards
  • Print your own low-cost advertisements on our inkjet magnet paper
  • Apply your paper business cards to our adhesive business card magnets
  • Print out your favorite pictures on our magnetic inkjet paper
  • Magnetic photo protector sleeves make great party favors


We buy in huge, bulk quantities and pass the low prices on to you! We ship most orders within 1 to 3 business days & take special care when packaging orders. We have a large following of loyal customers that make purchases week after week. They love our products, prices & shipping times and trust us to supply them with high quality products. 


Adhesive Business Card Magnets, Inkjet Printable Magnetic Paper, Inkjet Printable Magnetic Business Cards, Adhesive Magnet Sheets in a variety of sizes, Adhesive Magnet by the roll or by-the-foot, Magnetic Photo Protectors, Dry Erase Magnet Sheets, Rolls & Shelf Labels, Self-Customizing Promotional Magnetic Notepads, Patriotic Ribbon Magnets + More.


         **All Magnet +/- 2 mil**


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10 Sheets of Magnetic Business Cards
10 Sheets of Magnetic Business Cards
1 Magnetic Photo Protector 4" x 6"
1 Magnetic Photo Protector 4" x 6"
25 Sheets 20 mil Magnetic Inkjet Printable Paper Magnet (8.5"x11")
25 Sheets 20 mil Magnetic Inkjet Printable Paper Magnet (8.5"x11")
5" x 7" Paintable 3 in 1 Magnet Photo Frames - 2 Ct.
5" x 7" Paintable 3 in 1 Magnet Photo Frames - 2 Ct.
100 Adhesive Business Card Magnets 60 mil
100 Adhesive Business Card Magnets 60 mil
10 Magnetic Photo Protectors 4" x 6"
10 Magnetic Photo Protectors 4" x 6"
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